What to expect from your treatment 

At Long Eaton Colonics I use a natural closed gravity fed system with filtered water, a process from an ancient design. It is the safest, gentlest and most effective colonic, providing the greatest level of control working with the client’s own bowel activity.

  • Prior to the treatment a full medical history will be taken, and a comprehensive diet, health and lifestyle assessment will be completed.
  • It is normal to feel nervous and anxious prior to the first treatment. I explain the procedure and what to expect from the session and give you time to ask any questions before signing the consent form.
  • Before the treatment I recommend the client empties their bladder this is just to ensure the bladder is empty as a great deal of water is introduced into the colon during the treatment, which is absorbed and passed through the kidneys.
  • You will be provided with a robe and asked to remove clothing from the waist down.
  • You will lie on the bed on your back and wrap the towel around you to maintain your dignity.
  • Once on the treatment table I will look, feel and massage your abdomen. I will then palpate your abdomen and listen for any gas pockets.
  • You will then be asked to turn on your left hand side on the treatment table. If it is the first time I have treated you I will perform a digital examination, which will ensure it is safe to carry out the colonic hydrotherapy session. Following this I will insert the rectal tube for the colonic hydrotherapy session. Disposable equipment is used on every client. They come in a pack for each individual and are disposed of after use.
  • I will talk you through every step so you are completely engaged and feel safe during the process.
  • You will be asked to move onto your back while I hold the tubing. Warm filtered water is introduced into the rectal tube which is at body temperature to help loosen any impacted faeces and to encourage the bodies own natural peristalsis (movement of the colon).
  • Water and waste will then be observed leaving via the outlet tube, this will go straight into a waste pipe. There isn’t any odour, mess or embarrassment, your dignity is maintained at all times.
  • During the session I will continue to massage the abdomen, holding and releasing the outlet tube which encourages the release of waste matter.
  • Depending on your presentation enema herbs may be introduced into the colon via an enema bucket. They can help relax spasm in the gut or disperse gas pockets.
  • After the treatment, the water will be stopped and you will be asked to lay on your left hand side. The tube is removed and you will then go to the toilet to eliminate any waste matter or water left in the colon.
  • You are then free to get dressed and have a glass of water
  • An aftercare sheet will be provided and any further advice personal to your treatment will be identified.

Following the colonic session you may not have your bowels open for a couple of days and you may initially wish to pass more urine than normal due to the amount of water introduced into the colon during the session.